Monday, 7 April 2008

Κορίτσια της συγνώμης - Girls of forgiveness

This empty gaze in my mirror
i know well, i have seen before
is looking me like the gray girls that loved me once
some pale, some chubby, with glasses

those that never get a second glance
hotels of love in darkness lost forever
that you wait for the rain, to go away and then
you leave and they look at you with sorrow

they know from day one but always hoping
when they offer you with anxiety their kisses
they see it in your eyes
you see it in theirs
a bunch of dead ends fills their lives

I ended up with theories and smalltalk
a dead end myself in your life
left like a thief without words
and never ever considered your sorrow

a fucked up ludicrous sad boaster
whenever i can i show off
a stupid, dizzy, little man
with my phallus folklore lying to myself
Girls of sorry, in your eyes
exists a sorrow that i have never forgotten
Gray girls, fairies of love
whatever i could loose i 've lost already

what remains is this song
dedicated to you this sleepless night
seems stupid but is the blossom
the caress and the words that i owe you
the loving, soft caress that i owe
the loving, soft caress that i owe


Anonymous said...

U are wonderful..this is the best way one can learn greek language.
I have a favour to ask u...could u please translate some more Alkinoos Ioannidis songs because they are simply sublime. Can't thank u enough

Nicholas Manie said...

we are very happy you find this interesting and even more,useful:)
Keep in mind however that as someone i dont recall once said that "translated poetry is like women:When is beautiful is not faithful and when is faithful is not beautiful" :D